Deciding on a major can be one of the most difficult aspects a student faces when entering or considering higher education. Career Services offers many resources to help you decide whether a particular major is right for you.


Whether exploring multiple majors or searching for information about a career field, "我可以用这个专业做什么?将帮助你把专业和职业联系起来. 了解典型的行业, 的职业领域, the types of employers that hire people with each major, and strategies to make you a more marketable candidate. You may also continue researching majors and careers through the websites provided within the resource and this page.

Your major is important but does not guarantee a particular career path. You have many career opportunities with any major. Reflect on your values, interests, personality, and skills. Think about what excites you, motivates you, and brings you joy. Once you discern this, explore ways to find success, meaning, and impact in your life. Take the time to explore career opportunities that lead to meaning and impact for your entire life.

请注意, 当然, some career fields that require particular majors, 度, 和认证. Research if a career in which you have an interest requires an area of specialization.


以Focus 2评估为例. The results will help jump start the exploration process and provide you with lists of both majors and careers that may strike your interest based on your results. There are separate sites for current 肖尼 State students and for high school students.

最可靠的体育投注学生: 请在这里做评估. The access code is shawnee (all lowercase letters).

高中生: 请在这里做评估. 不需要访问码.


To further explore your options and interests, you can view a full list of 度 and areas of study. Upperclassmen and faculty in the department you are interested in are great resources for learning more about a program!


什么是元专业? 元专业只是一个你感兴趣的领域. 肖尼 State University has identified 6 meta-majors, or cluster of majors/programs that are similar or related.


Once you have an idea of what subject you would like to study, it is important to explore the different careers associated with the major.