欢迎来到一个每天都不一样的职业. Nursing is a career for people who feel called to care for others and want to constantly learn from their patients and coworkers.



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大学平均成绩2分.5 .在a上.0 scale) at the end of the semester in which application is made. A grade of “C” or higher in all pre-nursing course work, which includes the first two semesters and the summer session of the pre-nursing curriculum. Nursing applicants must have a composite ACT score of 22 and a score of 18 in all ACT sections or greater than 20 hours of college credit.

To complete the admission process, you must present

  • 完成健康体检.
  • 当前CPR医疗保健提供者认证.
  • 州和联邦犯罪背景调查.
  • Current negative urine drug screen (a five-panel screen).

After graduating from 肖尼 State with an associate's degree in nursing (and passing the NCLEX-RN examination), 你可以选择在医院工作, health care agencies and home health care agencies, 这只是几个潜在雇主的名字. 在所有这些中, you have the chance to improve people's lives and be an advocate for preventative healthcare with local health agencies.

你的未来从现在开始 采取下一步措施: 请求的信息 申请入学